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Natural colours, coloring extracts and ingredients for food application
ECO RESOURCE Яркие сладости – яркая жизнь!

Яркие сладости – яркая жизнь!

How to make confectionery products not only delicious, but also bright and safe?

For example, use natural dyes!

One of these dyes is Carmine. This dye can often be seen on the labels of confectionery products, especially if the product is bright pink or red.

Carmine (E120) is a natural dye from South America.

The dye has a thousand-year history of use in various fields of production, and it has been actively used in the food industry since the 90s of the twentieth century.

Carmine is resistant to light and temperatures, this dye can have various forms – water-soluble, water-and fat-dispersed and differ in the amount of pigment, as well as acid resistance and shade.

Combining carmine, we get ready-made forms of dyes of various shades for the manufacture of appetizing confectionery products, as well as glazes and fillings for them.

For sugary confectionery products, water-soluble forms of the AQUANAT tm trademark are mainly used , many of which are also acid-resistant:

  • AQUANAT Carmine 0045bright crimson color;
  • AQUANATE Carmine 0328 colors of ripe strawberries;
  • AQUANATE Carmine 0289 is a form of carmine acid, which gives the product an orange hue in an acidic environment, and red at a pH level close to neutral.

Pink-red shades can be created with the help of specially developed dyes, such as:

  • AQUANAT Carmine 0002;
  • AQUANAT Carmine 0207/1;
  • AQUANAT Carmine 0404.

These carmine are suitable for marmalade, waffles, even for a classic sponge cake, which can be used as a base for a cake.

But the glaze for a cake, cake, bun or fat filling for a candy can be made beautiful already with the use of fat-dispersed forms of dyes – they are represented by the trademarkECOTON tm

For example, crimson shades can be obtained using:

  • ECOTON Carmine 0023;
  • ECOTONE Carmine 0023 N;
  • ECOTON Carmine 0594.

 And if you want bright purple colors, then feel free to take it:

  • ECOTON Carmine 0024;
  • ECOTON Carmine 0025;
  • ECOTON Carmine 0025/1.

Also, to create a wider range of shades, our specialists have developed mixed dyes based on carmine under the trademark MIKHROMOVY tm in water-and fat-dispersed versions. They allow you to give the product the tone of red berries, for example, strawberries or cranberries.

Please your customers with beautiful sweets using a variety of carmine shapes!

Make their world brighter!

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