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Natural colours, coloring extracts and ingredients for food application

ECO RESOURCE group of companies

One plant — for all branches of the Food industry

For about 30 years, our activity has been focused on working with coloring ingredients for the food industry.

The Company's plants in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia are equipped with everything necessary for the production of small and large - scale orders of natural dyes and coloring extracts, functional additives, various mixtures and flavors.

The color of food products is decisive for the consumer and ensures a steady demand on the shelves, so we pay special attention to the raw material base.

ECO RESOURCE has its representative office in South America, in Peru-the region where natural raw materials for a number of significant dyes grow.

The professional team of "ECO RESOURCE" includes: specialists-technologists of food production, who test our range in Application Laboratories, chemists-developers, microbiologists, specialists-flavorists, technologists of their own production.



Partnership in distribution - Partnership via distribution


ECO RESOURCE has all the necessary competencies and skills required for successful Natural Food Ingredients Distribution, including:

  • knowledge of the Sales markets of Russia and CIS countries, and Georgia in various sectors of the Food Industry,
  • in-depth understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements for Food Ingredients,
  • excellent service when introducing and maintaining ingredients, conducting test production of products,
  • well-built supply chains and fast customs clearance of goods.

For many years we have been representing as a Distributor in our markets the products of the following companies: Sicna S.L.R / Secna S A, Neelikon Ltd, Grape SUD, Expressions Aromatique.

If you are looking for a serious distributor partner and share our commitment to Quality and Naturalness, then please contact us.


We produce over 1500 types of colouring formulations for different branches of the food industry. Our market share amounts to 47% in Russia, and 45% in Georgia.

Our product line is supplemented by AromaColor caramel colour, as well as natural and extrusion flavourings produced by our partners; for whom we act as the exclusive distributors on the territory of Russia and CIS.

ECO RESOURCE is an established supplier of many key actors within the food industry, both national and multinational. Our clients are situated in every region of Russia, and our neighbouring countries, as well as Poland, Austria and the Netherlands.

ECO RESOURCE operates under the quality management standards of ISO 9001 – 2015, FSSC 22 000, SEDEX, and FAO.

The fourteen trademarks that make up our product line are a guarantee of the quality and authenticity of our products, with patented innovations that facilitate their application.

ECO RESOURCE feed additives for livestock farming and aquaculture
ECO RESOURCE feed additives for livestock farming and aquaculture

In 2004, ECO RESOURCE Company opened a new division - Agro Division.

It specializes in the production of natural and healthy feed additives for various branches of animal husbandry, poultry farming and aquaculture.

The largest Peruvian agroholding in Latin America, AGROBASA, became a partner of the company. He specializes in growing marigolds, which are sources of natural carotenoids, and produces feed additives based on them.

We continue to cooperate with his successor, the company "QIMTIYA", which is part of the largest Spanish financial giant "FERRO Group".

ECO RESOURCE was the first to introduce natural carotenoids based on marigold and paprika extract to the Russian market under the ECO GOLDEN and ECO RED trademarks.

Quality and Safety

ECO RESOURCE guarantees a uniformly high quality of our products. We achieve this by:

  • Sourcing raw material directly from verified and certified suppliers in South-East Asia, Latin America and Europe. The quality control on our part is always thorough and relentless.
  • Automating and updating the manufacturing lines following technological advancements and international standards
  • Maintaining the appropriate storage conditions for the most sensitive raw material, via an automatic storage system.
  • Ensuring that each batch of products goes through inspection by the quality control and microbiology labs before being released.


Customer Support

ECO RESOURCE technicians consult and accompany clients on every step of the order and aid with the implementation of our ingredients into production:

  • We study the specific features and requirements of your production plant. 
  • If it may be helpful, we are prepared to visit and get personally acquainted with the equipment and the food technicians that will be working with our products
  • We offer quick solutions, tailor the recipes, or develop entirely new ones for unique requests
  • We select and test ingredients in our applications lab.
  • We promptly solve problems, no matter their difficulty.



Care for the environment

Here at ECO RESOURCE, we approach environmental concerns with utmost responsibility and take measures to minimise the negative impacts on the environment

Energy efficiency

At our manufacturing plants, we commit to utilising energy-efficient technologies to decrease the amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.

Water conservation

Our strategy of using water resources is geared towards conservation technologies, such as purification and water reuse. We endorse all initiatives to minimise the consumption of water by our manufacturing plants.

Waste treatment 

We strive to decrease the amount of waste produced by improving our operational efficiency. Furthermore, ECO RESOURCE implements separation of refuse at our manufacturing plants, so that some of it can be recycled and reused in the future.



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