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ECO RESOURCE Готовы узнать главный цвет 2021?

Готовы узнать главный цвет 2021?

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute names the "color of the year" to reflect the mood of the time.

In 2020, blue was chosen as the color of the year, and in the European food industry, Shades of Aqua — deep blue, blue and green-blue - turned out to be at the peak of popularity.

The long-awaited announcement of a new fashionable food color for 2021 took place within the framework of the exhibition "Food Ingredients Europe". And this… Rich red!

Bright, adventurous and a little flighty red represents strength and hope. Bold color gives stamina and motivates to rise. These are the qualities that are so necessary after a difficult 2020 to be optimistic and strive forward to new achievements.

After widespread restrictions, people want to feel freedom and enjoy all the colors of life. These aspirations in society pushed the color experts at the Pantone Institute to the idea of choosing pure active red as the color of the next year.

ECO RESOURCE company is fully prepared to meet new trends and is ready to offer natural red pigments for your products: 
  • carmine ECOTONE;
  • carmine AQUANATH;
  • anthocyanin ECOTANE.

Also pay attention to our pride - ECOPLANT brand extracts and concentrated juices of black carrots and red beets.

Extracts and herbal ingredients with coloring properties are especially relevant in delicate areas of nutrition – in children's, sports and dietary.
Follow the trends with ECO RESOURCE!


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