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ECO RESOURCE Кризис? Фиолетово!

Кризис? Фиолетово!

It would seem, how are crisis and color related?  Economists-analysts have deduced the relationship between color and the economic situation: in a crisis, they buy more purple goods. Psychologists explain that people choose purple in search of inner harmony, stability and confidence.

Needless to say, the coincidence of the global trend for purple ice cream with the observations of psychologists provides you with a unique opportunity to fight back against the crisis drop in demand.

Here are some ideas

Romantic Frenchmen gave the world an unusual ice cream with a delicate floral aroma – violet and lavender.

The duo will help bring the French charm and the aroma of the Provencal fields to your ice cream: ECOPLANT extract Purple and flavor Violet or ECOPLANT extract Red in combination with flavorLavender.

Purple ice cream evokes pleasant associations with the aromas of Blueberries and Black currants.

They are also perfectly combined with natural coloring extracts of the ECOPLANT trademark.

Shades of purple can vary from delicate to rich and active - the "character" of ice cream depends on the preferences of your target consumer.

To touch the dream of distant countries or plunge into childhood memories for a moment - what could be sweeter!


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