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ECO RESOURCE Captivating fragrances from ECO RESOURCE

Captivating fragrances from ECO RESOURCE

What is the success of fragrant baking? An incomparable ice cream and a delicate fruit and berry yogurt?

A popular product is born when a technologist skillfully combines a great taste and an attractive appearance. Working on the taste is an exciting experiment. The secret of the perfect product is not only in the selected fresh fruits and berries, but also in a pinch of magic.

Flavorings are the very secret ingredient, thanks to which it acquires its own character.

Flavorings are complex compositions in which flavoring substances and preparations are used for:

- giving the products taste shades;

- creating new tastes and a variety of assortment;

- stabilization and preservation of taste during storage.

ECO RESOURCE company can offer flavors for various fillings and fillers.

Our most famous and frequently used flavors:

  •  strawberries (LN 12936);
  • black currant ( LN 06210);
  • Green apple (LA 05654)

ECO RESOURCE actively cooperates with the French manufacturer of these fragrances EXPRESSIONS AROMATIQUES.



If you want to create a product with unusual flavors, we are happy to offer flavors:
  • Madeleine Cookies (LA 05720/1);
  • Zabayone (Sabayon) (LA 06958/3);
  • tiramisu (LA 08933/12).
The range is complemented by ECO RESOURCE fragrances developed by flavorists:
  • Bubble Gum (LA 703.0008);
  • Caribbean Orange LA702.0017;
  • Punch (LA709.0003)

and other flavors, the list of which is constantly being updated.


Welcome to the world of amazing flavors and aromas! We will help you find the right one. Please contact our technologists by phone +7 (812) 777-73-31.

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