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Natural colours, coloring extracts and ingredients for food application

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ECO RESOURCE Растительные пигменты 2 в 1 или «функциональные» красители

Растительные пигменты 2 в 1 или «функциональные» красители

Why are functional foods so popular? Eating a healthy treat, drinking a functional drink is a pleasure and health without extra effort.

But can a dye be functional at the same time? Maybe if this dye is of natural origin!

Catch the wave of familiarization with healthy lifestyle – and profit from it! And we will help you make your product both bright and useful.

ECO RESOURCE natural dyes are made exclusively from natural raw materials of plant origin.

These dyes do not have an E code and fully comply with the trend of naturalness and "clean" labels.


These are natural pigments that give pink, red, orange, scarlet, purple, blue and dark blue colors.

Sources of anthocyanins: grape peel, black mokrov, red cabbage, chokeberry (aronia), purple potatoes, hibiscus, triplicate clitoris.

Effects on the body: contain flavonoids and antioxidants.

Features: the color of anthocyanins depends on the acidity of the medium. At pH from 2 to 4 they have red / reddish shades, at pH 5-7 - more red-purple tones, turning into lilac-purple.

They are well soluble in water, resistant to light and temperature.




A natural pigment that gives yellow and orange shades.

Source turmeric: powder of a plant of the ginger family - turmeric culture.

Effects on the body: it has a strong antioxidant effect, promotes well-being and longevity. In Asian countries, it is traditionally used not only as a spice and dye, but also as a medicine.

Features: it is recommended to use turmeric of the trademark AQUANATE tm in a dosage of 0.05 - 0.15% by weight of the product and pack the product in an opaque container. Then both the color and the benefits will be preserved!



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