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Natural colours, coloring extracts and ingredients for food application
ECO RESOURCE Цветная революция. Долой скучные стандарты!

Цветная революция. Долой скучные стандарты!

The Belgian chocolate brand Barry Callebaut has opened ruby chocolate made from a special type of cocoa beans to the world. This invention of the fourth type of chocolate (after dark, milk and white) has become one of the most noticeable food trends of 2019/2020.

The world's largest brands have already announced its production. We invite you to join this revolution in the world of chocolate.  Or maybe create your own. After all, it is obvious that this breakthrough marked the beginning of the chocolatier's color experiments. Consumers are fascinated by the attractive appearance, and their expectations will only increase.

Give chocolate glaze 15 different shades?

Create soft transitions from one color to another? 

Or maybe decide on a real chocolate masquerade in one package?

Natural dyes will come to the aid of your color fantasies. We remind you that according to TR CU 029/2012, it is forbidden to color natural chocolate, but glaze is possible (GOST R 53041-2008).

We will select the right shade for your product. Connoisseurs of exciting sensations from chocolate are waiting for your ideas!


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