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ECO RESOURCE Eco Resource is an exclusive distributor of Expressions Aromatiques

Eco Resource is an exclusive distributor of Expressions Aromatiques

The sophistication of French cuisine and desserts is known all over the world thanks to the unique taste and aromatic combinations!

It was in Provence in the distant XIV century that technologies for extracting the odors of plants and flowers were first invented. In this legendary region, in 1999, Expressions Aromatiques built a factory for the production of flavorings.

"To expand the range of Products Offered, we were looking for a Flavor Partner working according to a similar Business Philosophy to our own: Dynamic, Creative and Maintaining a High standard of Production and innovation. After a long Cooperation, the decision to sign an Exclusive Distribution Agreement was a logical stage in the development of relations between ECO RESOURCE and Expressions Aromatiques, "said Nina Demenok, Executive Director of ECO RESOURCE JSC.

"The joint work of the Laboratory of Application of the Leading manufacturer of Natural Dyes in Russia – the company ECO RESOURCE and the flavorists Expressions Aromatiques allowed us to study the features of the "Russian taste"well. We used only the best raw materials and the French approach - "taste with a twist" - to create traditional and trendy flavors, " commented Nicolas Giron, Regional Sales Manager of Expressions Aromatiques, on the new collection.

In a large assortment, you can select several profiles:

  • classic vanilla-creamy flavors, to which "ice cream" was added, where the exquisite velvety vanilla is combined with soft creaminess;
  • the flavors of famous desserts, many of which came to us from France: Madeleine cookies, named after the resourceful maid who fed the royal guests with simple sponge cookies, macaroni cookies made of proteins, sugar and almonds, creme brulee with a fragrant caramel crust, croissant, cheesecake, tiramisu, zabayone;
  • fruit and berry aromas, both traditional – familiar fruits and berries: strawberry, raspberry, orange, and bizarre exotic: guanabana (sour cream apple), carambola, papaya, guarana, yuzu;
  • a flower series, the creation of which was inspired by the everywhere growing lilies-the symbol of France and the emblem of kings, lush rose bushes and lavender fields. And the aromas of orange, cherry and elderberry flowers will add grace and emphasize the unique charm of your product.

Modern innovative equipment of production and laboratories guarantee the quality of products, which is confirmed by KOSHER, HALAL, ISO 22000 certificates. The specialists of "Expressions Aromatiques" always focus on the best taste, relying on their bank of reference samples of aromatic substances and marketing products.

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