ECO RESOURCE Snacks: useless or healthy food
Snacks: useless or healthy food

Snacks are very popular on the world food market. The largest number of snacks is consumed in the UK and in the USA. 

In 1937, the Association of snack manufacturers was established, which includes more than eight hundred of the largest foreign manufacturers. Since the 90s of the XX century, the rapid development of the "snacks" market has begun in our country. New types of snacks began to appear on the shelves of Russian stores. Today, consumers can purchase a wide variety of light snacks.

According to the international classification, snacks are potato and corn chips, cheese and meat portion snacks, straws, cookies, muesli, crispy flakes, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate bars. In Russia, traditionally, these products belong to different groups of goods (meat, fruit and vegetable, confectionery, food concentrates), and therefore they are divided into sweet (corn flakes, breakfast cereals, pads, corn sticks, muesli, etc.) and unsweetened (classic chips, crackers, extrusion products)."

Natalia Belousova, Head of the Application Laboratory of JSC "ECO RESOURCE"


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