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Natural colours, coloring extracts and ingredients for food application


Natural colours
Natural colours
The ideal component for your unique formulations
The visual appeal of a product is one of the most influential factors in consumer demand. Our wide range of colouring ingredients will provide you with the opportunity to create such irresistible goods, that the consumer will be immediately drawn to them. 

Yet, as conscious consumption is on the rise, the buyer will also be attracted to an all-natural label, which we can guarantee with our colouring ingredients. You can rest assured, the raw material that goes into our products is responsibly sourced from certified suppliers and its quality is thoroughly controlled. 
Our colours: 
  • Are easy to apply 
  • Grant a stable desired outcome
  • Are healthy and functional
  • Decrease waste in food production


Natural red and reddish shades

Carmine (E120) is a natural colouring ingredient with universal application. It is extracted from the insect cochineal, which grows on opuntia cacti. 

It is one of the most stable natural ingredients, resistant to light exposure, temperature fluctuation and oxidation, which means that it is versatile in application.

The colour properties of carmines also grant it universality – it can create hues of orange, red, blue and violet. 

The primary applications of carmine reflect its unique properties. You can find it in meat products, cream cheese, jams, confectionery, sauces, glazes, and even beauty products. 

The carminic acid, which has a stable bright-orange colour in an acidic environment, and its acid-resistant formulation, are indispensable in the soft drinks industry. 

If you would like something slightly different, try our Red Beet colour, which is lovely in jams, confectionery, ice-cream, dairy, meat, and fish products.



Natural orange

The paprika extract (E160c) is part of the carotenoid family, made from young sweet pepper pods.

Depending on the concentration, this extract can provide a range of orange hues, given that it contains carotenoid pigments, such as beta-carotene and capsaicin. 

When choosing this colour, it is important to keep in mind that it is stable in acidic environments and at high temperatures, but not when exposed to light. 

We provide water and fat-soluble formulations of the paprika extract and would recommend its use in confectionary produce, cheese, jam, ice cream, as well as processed meat or fish.

If you would like something slightly different, try our Annatto colour, which is perfect for cheese, sausage casing and snacks. 



Natural yellow
Turmeric AQUANAT

Turmeric, or curcumin (E100), is a natural yellow colour, the raw material of which is extracted from the dried roots of Curcuma longa. These roots contain essential oils, which give it a distinct taste and aroma, as well as desmethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin, which provide the colouring properties. Given its properties, turmeric is also widely used as a spice, and it is important to consider that even the colour will retain a light aroma.

It is comparatively resistant to high temperatures, and quite resistant to acidic environments (with a pH higher than 3), however, it is sensitive to light exposure.
Turmeric is hailed as an antioxidant and is highly popular due to its additional health benefits. Moreover, a little goes a long way with this colouring ingredient, making its use very economically viable.

You can use turmeric in the colouring of cheese, butter and spreads, confectionery, processed meat or fish, jams and confits, sauces and chewing gum.
If you would like something slightly different, try our Beta-carotene, a yellowish-orange colour that works well in cheese, butter, spreads, processed meat and fish, snacks, jams and confits.

You could also try our Safflower extract (which can be found in our colouring extract range) that is designed for use in dairy-based desserts, drinks, ice-cream, caramel, jams and marmalade, fruity fillings and more.



Natural purple and violet
Anthocyanin ECOTAN / ECOTON

Anthocyanin,  is a natural red colour made from berries and vibrant vegetables such as grapes, elderberries, purple carrots, hibiscus and red cabbage. As you can see, anthocyanins can be found all around us. The anthocyanin extracted from grapes has been used by winemakers for over 140 years. The anthocyanin-rich plants also contain different flavonoids and polyphenols, which decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer, improve eyesight and have antioxidant effects which stimulate the immune system against viruses.  

Anthocyanin is uniquely resistant to high temperatures and light exposure. Furthermore, it is water-soluble and can be used to achieve a variety of hues. The colour properties depend on the acidity of the environment. For example, if the pH is lower than 4,5 – the colour will be red, but at a pH of 6 and upward, the colour will turn purple. At pH 10, it even turns green. 

We recommend using anthocyanins in the production of wine, fruit and vegetable preserves, jams and confits, confectionery, processed fish, ice lollies and many more.

If you would like something slightly different, try our purple potato colouring ingredient. It has similar applications as anthocyanin but comes in different shades of violet.



Natural green
Chlorophyll AQUANAT

Chlorophylls are the green colour found in chloroplasts of plant cells. They are extracted from nettles, lucerne, grains, mulberry leaves and other plants. 

As a food colouring ingredient, chlorophyll has three main variants. The chlorophyll preparations (E141), the derivative copper complexes of chlorophyll (E141i) and chlorophyllin (E141ii).

We offer chlorophyll in water-soluble, fat-soluble and powder forms. The hues achieved with it vary from light to deep green. It is rather resistant to light and temperature, but fares very well in acidic environments and when heated. 

Our recommendations for the use of chlorophyll vary from cheese and dairy products to processed meat or fish, jams and confits, dried fruit and vegetables, confectionery and much more.  



Natural black

Black MIXROME colouring ingredients are made from activated charcoal (E153), sourced by high-heat carbonization of plant material, such as wood and nuts. 

The colouring ingredient comes as a scent and flavourless finely dispersed powder. For ease of use, we offer water and fat-soluble pastes. 

Black MIXROME can be used to create shades from light grey to deep black. 

It is among the most light and heat resistant colour.

Due to its properties, it is frequently used in the production of cheese and dairy products, processed fish, fruit or vegetable preserves, bakery, confectionery or ice-cream.

Here at ECO-RESOURCE we also offer the powder form of MIXROME black.



ECOPLANT colouring ingredients
We know how to make your product healthy and vibrant 

If you’re following the CLEAN LABEL trend, then look no further!

Colouring ingredients, as defined by EU legislation – are plant-based products that have a strong colouring effect. Only the plants, fruits, vegetables and spices that have gone through the test of time and proven to be beneficial for consumption, can be used as raw material for the production of colouring ingredients. 

These extracts don’t only add colour, they make you healthier too. 

ECO-RESOURCE is proud to present a line of ECOPLANT colouring extracts.

ECOPLANT products are made from plant extracts and concentrates of fruit and vegetable juices. Our innovative technologies allow us to preserve the unique natural qualities of the components whilst providing a naturally-appealing colour scheme. 

These colouring ingredients:
  • Can be used in the production of confectionery, drinks, dairy and baby food
  • Don’t have the ‘E’ code, adhering to ‘clean label’ standards.
The raw materials used in our colouring ingredients include:
  • Safflower extract
  • Red cabbage extract 
  • Purple potato extract 
  • Black carrot extract
  • Genipa extract 
  • Spirulina extract 
  • Black carrot juice concentrate
  • Beetroot juice concentrate 
Powder forms of ECOPLANT 

The ECOPLANT colouring ingredients in powder form are developed especially for the production of powder-like goods. With them, you can achieve an even colour, and they are easily soluble, to grant your product a naturally vibrant hue.



We will make your product delicious and desirable/fragrant and flavourful 

We scoured the earth for unique food aromas that would let you replicate any flavour and scent you may desire. 

We offer a wide range of food flavours, available in liquid, granule and powder form. Many are all-natural, sourced from plant-based raw materials. 

As a warrant of utmost quality, look no further than our raw material and state of the art production technologies. All our food flavours are made according to the client’s wishes, and many of our solutions are crafted for a specific project. 

Our FLAVOURS allow you to:
  • Grow your product line at an affordable price;
  • Recreate the flavour and scent that were partially lost in storage and transportation;
  • Enhance the natural taste and flavour of your products;
  • Remove unwanted smells or tastes.
Vanilla – Cream flavours

We hail vanilla – queen of food flavouring. Its taste is almost synonymous with sweetness. Yet, each producer desires to tread a unique path in the garden of flavour. Thus, we offer over 50 varieties of vanilla, from classic to plombière cream.

Vanilla has truly wide application, from a hint of it in drinks to full-bodied flavour in confectionery goods.

Buttery – Milky flavours 

Perhaps no other product is as widely used as milk, from cream to condensed and concentrated. From it, we make butter, cheese, Crème-Fraiche and much more. 

It is a flavour of childhood and pure happiness, and we never want to let it go. For this reason, we have created a line of milky-buttery flavours applicable in all areas of food production.

The ECO RESOURCE product line is developed to suit the tastes of all consumers across the world.

Fruit and Berry flavours 

The demand for these is always high, as we are drawn towards the vivid fruity sensations, and associate them with the healthy offerings of nature.

You can select from a variety of mono-flavours, such as cherry, apple, peach, raspberry and apricot from the ECO RESOURCE product line-up, as well as trendy and delicious mixes.

Gastronomical flavours 

This section includes flavourings with a gastronomical profile – meaning those that enhance the natural taste of any gastronomical delights.

Meat flavourings can highlight the sharpness of a product, whereas the flavour of sausages or ham can lend a hint of comfort. These flavourings can be used in ready-made meals or snacks. 



Fruit powders


Our fruit powders are made from concentrated juices and fruit purees via a method of Spray Dry technology on the base of potato or corn maltodextrin, followed up by micro-capsulation. 

The powders have a variety of benefits:
  • the scent is released only after boiling water is added;
  • the taste and scent are insular and vivid;
  • they have stable microbiological and organoleptic values;
  • depending on the dosage – the desired flavour can be easily achieved;
  • they are easy to store.
Plant extracts

For when you seek to enrich your product with healthy elements from nature. 


Grape extract 

The grape extract (Vitis Vinifera) is a natural antioxidant with strong antiaging properties, containing polyphenols and anthocyanidins. Grape extract:

  • Protects from viruses and microbes;
  • Ensures that the body gets enough antioxidants;
  • Supports the cardiovascular system;
  • Tones and moisturizes the skin, prevents pigmentation.

We recommend it as a source of healthy anthocyanidins and polyphenols in food supplements, instant drinks and beauty products aimed at protecting the skin from the toxins in the environment.


Matcha tea extract 

Matcha tea is a form of powdered green tea, praised for its luscious and vibrant flavour.

It hails from Japan, where it’s frequently used in regal tea ceremonies.

Currently, we have seen a rise in matcha as a food supplement. It is used in desserts, confectionery, drinks and ice cream to enrich their taste and give them a striking green colour. Matcha tea extract:

  • alleviates stress; 
  • decreases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease;
  • slows down the processes of ageing;
  • aids in weight-loss; 
  • contains a lot of essential fibres. 


Clitoria extract 

Clitoria (Clitoria ternatea) is a plant with decadent blue flowers that grows primarily in the tropics. In cooking, you can use whole dried flowers or a powder made from them. This plant has natural healing properties, containing vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. 

In the food industry, Clitoria extract is used to provide a blueish or purplish hue, depending on the product’s pH. It is water-soluble and stable to light and heat exposure. We recommend it to be used in the making of pastry and confectionery, ice cream, sorbets, desserts and yoghurts. 



Acerola extract 

This extract comes as a finely dispersed powder of yellow to light brown hue, with a characteristic scent and slightly bitter-acidic taste. It is produced from the fruits of the evergreen plant of the Malpighiaceae family via means of water extraction.

Acerola, also called the Barbados cherry, is a fruit tree that resembles a cherry tree but is, actually, a citrus. 

The Acerola extract is natural and doesn’t have the ‘E’ code. It contains 17% of vitamin C (17g per 100g). Just 0,17g of acerola extract is enough to fulfil the daily dose of vitamin C for children (30mg=0,03g). It is stable in temperatures up to 60%.

Health benefits:

  • maintains energy;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • is a powerful antioxidant. 
  • its applications range from the food industry to pharmaceutics, supplements, cosmetics and veterinary care. 

Acerola is widely used in the production of soft drinks and energy drinks, confectionery, ice cream and yoghurt. Thanks to its high water solubility, no complex technology needs to be involved, and it is easy to apply.

Aronia extract

This extract is produced via water extraction from the finely ground fruit of Aronia melanocarpa. The liquid extract is then filtered and concentrated, following which, the thickened extract is dried. 

The main active components of Aronia are anthocyanins, which give the fruit a purple hue. They also contain tannins, responsible for the bitter taste, and flavonoids.

Anthocyanins have antioxidant properties, protecting the body from free radicals and premature ageing. The extract of Aronia supports the cardiovascular system, strengthens the arteries, contains vitamin P, and helps with atherosclerosis.

It is used in the food industry, supplements and beauty products. 

We recommend that you add Aronia extract to yoghurts, porridges, muesli, baked goods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, teas and food supplements. You can also use Aronia as a natural colouring ingredient, to give your products a reddish-purple hue. 

Buckthorn extract 

Buckthorn extract comes as a dry, hygroscopic low-flowing powder of a light orange to light brown hue, with a distinct taste and aroma. 

Buckthorn is rich in vitamins: it contains carotenoids (no less than 180mg %), tocopherols (around 140mg %), sterols, stigmasterols, beta-sitosterol and other triterpenoids, as well as polyprenols, phospholipids, betaine, vitamins, sugars, organic acids.

Our buckthorn extract contains all the health benefits of fresh buckthorn berries, supporting the immune system, improving eyesight, maintaining healthy hair and skin, helping cuts heal and keeping up high energy levels. 

It is used in food production, supplements, cosmetics and veterinary care. 

You can use buckthorn extract to make:

  • instant drinks;
  • confectionary (marmalade, marshmallows, biscuits, sweets, cake, etc.);
  • dairy products (milkshakes, yoghurts, ice-cream, etc.);
  • jams, jellies, soft and alcoholic drinks


Bilberry extract 

To produce this extract we use the fruit of Vaccinium Vitis-idaea, which are first finely ground and then undergo a process of water extraction. The liquid is then filtered and condensed, to create a thick paste, which is dried to achieve the final product. 

The bilberry extract contains organic acids (citric, salicylic, malic) and polyphenols. 

It is high in antioxidants, and we recommend its use for supporting the cardiovascular system. The dried extract can help you fight a cold (due to its anti-inflammatory properties), anaemia (as it stimulates the synthesis of haemoglobin) and diabetes (as it regulates the level of sugar in the blood flow).

It is used in food production, supplements and beauty products. 

We recommend that you add it to yoghurts, porridges, muesli, baked goods, drinks, teas, fortified foods and food supplements.


Cranberry extract

To produce this extract we turn cranberries (Oxycoccus palustris) into a powder of reddish-brown to dark brown hue. 

The main active component of cranberry extract is oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC), by which the product is standardised (15% and 25%).

The biologically-active components of cranberries grant them anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Moreover, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, as suggested by many scientific studies, are great antioxidants. 

For these specific properties, cranberries have been consumed by humans throughout the ages.
Cranberry extract is used in food production, pharmaceutics, supplements, veterinary care and beauty products. 

We recommend that you add it to jams, soft drinks and hard drinks. 


Functional ingredients for processed meat and fish

We offer a range of patented functional additives for processed meat and fish production. They are tested in our special lab, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The testing conditions are of utmost proximity to production processes. 


AQUAMEAT Stab is a group of functional additives, geared towards maintaining the texture and shape of a product. 

AQUAMEAT Stab makes the product more appealing, whilst maintaining its taste and health benefits. With them, you can decrease the cost of production by 30%.

AQUAMEAT Stab is an important component in the production of sausages and gastronomical delicacies. 

AQUAMEAT Stab is save, as they are produced from natural ingredients, such as apples, citrus fruit, wheat, corn, algae and the sap of earth trees. 

We also offer:

AQUAMEAT Ice, an additive that aids to preserve your product for longer, and protects it from bacteria, yeast and mould.

AQUAMEAT Ice kills bacteria and increases the storage time of foods, acts as an acidity regulator, improves the visual appeal of the product and is an antioxidant. An important thing to consider when using AQUAMEAT Ice is its even dispersion in a product, which depends on the production technique (after heat treatment and before mixing). 


AQUAFISH Stab has a high water-binding capacity and can be used to increase output and decrease the price of a product.

In developing AQUAFISH Stab, we accounted for the synergetic interaction of components, which decreases the probability of cutting off moisture during storage (syneresis), adds elasticity, and maintains the bite-ability of the product, even upon re-heating. 

AQUAFISH stab are a mix of thickeners and stabilisers which allow texture enhancement due to water-binding and gel-forming capacities. 

We also offer:

AQUAFISH Ice, an additive that aids to preserve your product for longer, prevents oxidization processes, lowers the pH of fish solute and enriches the product with vitamins and minerals. You can choose from traditional and natural options. 

AQUAFISH Intensive is used to maximise the output of the product, minimize the use of raw material, increase the speed of the production process and improve texture. 

AQUAFISH Inject, used for injecting fish produce to increase the output, decrease moisture leakage during storage, and de-freezing. You can choose from protein, phosphate, plant fibre and algae-based options. 


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