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Natural colours, coloring extracts and ingredients for food application


Policy in the field of quality and safety of food products of JSC "ECO RESOURCE"


ECO RESOURCE is one of the lead manufacturers of food colors and flavors in Russia.

Over the years, our company has accumulated vast experience in the field of development, production and implementation of food colors on food industry enterprises, created its traditions and has established itself as a reliable partner.

Possessing high production and human resources, our company follows its aim in crating competitive products, services and the fullest possible satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

Our strategy:
  • To preserve existing and develop new sources of raw materials and markets for our products.
  • To develop and bring to the market the types of products necessary for the consumer with competitive price.
  • To improve quality and safety of our products based on our customers’ expectations and legal requirements.
  • To save the workforce, maintain a favorable psychological climate, conducive to the timely identification of problems and their effective solution.
Our principles:
  • Our clients – the main source of our well-being and development, requiring the greatest respect.
  • Modernity – always keep up with the times and one step ahead, using modern production technologies and management methods in our activities.
  • The quality of our products must meet the requirements of consumers and exceed their expectations.
  • Fair, free and open competition based on product quality, employee competence and affordability.
To implement the Policy, the Management of ECO RESOURCE undertakes:
  • To increase the efficiency of the company's activity and competitiveness, taking into account the interests of all interested parties.
  • To Analyze and respond flexibly to changing requirements and wishes of our clients, develop and introduce new types of products.
  • To fulfill the requirements and constantly improve the effectiveness of the quality management system based on the ISO 9001: 2015 international standard.
  • To produce high quality and safe products that comply with legal and mandatory requirements, taking into account the requirements and wishes of our clients.
  • To continuously maintain and develop the food safety management system, in accordance with the requirements of the FSSC 22000 certification scheme.
  • To improve technologies and production environment for improving quality, maintain safety, and improve the consumer properties of products.
  • To develop the professional competence and responsibility of employees for the quality of their work performance.
  • To maintain and develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers for uninterrupted and timely provision of the company with high-quality and safe raw materials.
  • To maintain and develop the exchange of information on product quality and safety issues with external organizations and within the company.
  • To analyze internal and external information: complaints, suggestions and wishes, information from company employees about identified or potential violations that may affect food safety.


The management of ECO RESOURCE, represented by general director of the company, Sergei Demenok, assumes responsibility for the quality and safety of manufactured products and obliges its employees to follow the Quality and Safety Policy.

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