Копия Beta-carotene
Натуральный краситель
ECO RESOURCE AQUABETIN beta-carotene formulations

The dye Beta-carotene (E160a, beta carotene) is one of the most common in the food industry. The gamma for coloring products with Beta-carotene varies from yellow to orange. The resistance of Beta-carotene to light and oxidation is low, and to heating and changes in the acidity of the medium is good.

There are several sources of Beta-carotene origin. So, Beta-carotene is obtained by the following methods:

  • extracts from plants, algae;
  • microbiological synthesis from fungi;
  • chemical processes.

This pigment is widely distributed in nature. Plants produce it as a result of photosynthesis.


Fish processing


Паштеты, риеты




Водорастворимый, Жирорастворимый