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Natural colours, coloring extracts and ingredients for food application

Современные лаборатории «ЭКО РЕСУРС УКРАИНА»

R&D+I lab
R&D+I lab

In developing new colouring agents and functional additives, we pay great attention to the trends and innovations; (hence the “I”); within the field.

Our R&D+I lab studies new raw material and discovers means of extracting its unique components.

The development of solutions at ECO RESOURCE takes into account not only the particular colouring properties of the raw material, but also its intended applications. We fit our formulations to be compatible with the machinery required to produce the final product. 

Creating new formulations is a never-ending process, frequently initiated by our clients’ requests and tailored directly to their needs.

Applications lab
Applications lab

ECO RESOURCE technicians test our ingredients directly on their intended final product in the applications lab. Through this process, they can develop detailed instructions on the practical use of our ingredients in production.

Our colouring agents are easy to use, give a stable desired quality, decrease the costs of production, and sometimes, provide additional health benefits for the final product.

Our functional feed additives for livestock and aquaculture industries are tested in a special lab, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. The conditions there are as close as possible to the real manufacturing process.

Quality control lab
Quality control lab

Everything that ECO RESOURCE produces passes through mandatory quality control, including microbiological control, on every step of the production process.

Our quality control lab operates according to EcoVadis standards.

The colour parameters are monitored using the CIELAB colour coordinates model installed on our digital colourimeter.

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