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Natural colours, coloring extracts and ingredients for food application
ECO RESOURCE Дерзайте! Удивляйте! Вдохновляйте!

Дерзайте! Удивляйте! Вдохновляйте!

What kind of taste do you look forward to when you see purple ice cream?

And at the sight of a brown muffin?

If you answered that the purple ice cream is most likely blueberry, and the brown muffin has a chocolate taste-congratulations, you have fallen for the trick of your associative perception!

Psychologists have long established that color significantly affects perception, and each shade has its own psychological subtext. Aromas also have an equally active effect on mood and health, because the sense of smell is the fastest way to transmit information to the brain.

Modern food technologies allow you to combine the incongruous and choose the taste and color regardless of the usual associations.

Pink milkshake is not necessarily strawberry, and green lemonade may taste ... watermelon.

By giving the product characteristics only through playing with color and aroma, the manufacturer gains a kind of power over the feelings and emotions of the consumer.

And the consumer is "happy to be deceived himself", because the original product is a breakdown of templates, it is fresh and unusual. Such experiments are especially well perceived by the youth audience, as the most receptive to everything new and bold.

Additional attention of consumers to the brand is provided.

Communicate with the consumer through the language of images, surprise and stand out!

We at ECO RESOURCE know how to implement your most daring ideas!

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