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ECO RESOURCE AltFoodConf alternative food products!

AltFoodConf alternative food products!

On May 11, 2021, Sochi hosted the first Russian conference and exhibition dedicated to alternative food AltFoodConf 2021, which specializes in the production of plant, hybrid and cellular alternatives to meat and dairy products. A. S. Demenok, a representative of ECO RESOURCE, reviewed the segment of alternative food products, the basis of which was the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, concern for ecology and the environment, and the growing need for food for the growing population of the planet.

Vegetable alternatives are products based on vegetable protein (for example: soy, wheat, buckwheat, nuts or peas), imitating animal products in texture, taste, aroma or appearance. 

Despite the fact that consumption of traditional meat is growing in Russia (by the end of last year it reached record levels - 77 kg per capita, with a market potential of $ 10 million), the demand for "meat" products from vegetable meat is steadily growing.

The market for alternative milk is also growing. In 2020, it amounted to 6.5 billion rubles in Russia, an increase of 3.3% compared to 2019. Moreover, the increase in the volume of purchases of plant-based milk was mainly due to an increase in consumption.

Many representatives of the meat industry insisted that "people in Russia have not had enough of meat yet!". Only a few, including the Vegafood company ("Outskirts"), proceed from the fact that "consumers do not have to give up meat. You can just try something else." On this basis, producers of traditional meat products can develop both directions – and everything can work out!

The development of new technologies and new ingredients to meet the new needs of food producers has traditionally been a priority of ECO RESOURCE. Based on the results of participation in the conference, ECO RESOURCE directed efforts to support new developments for the alternative food segment. 


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