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ECO RESOURCE Functional and sports nutrition, "ECO RESOURCE"

Functional and sports nutrition, "ECO RESOURCE"

On November 7, 2019, a seminar "Functional and sports nutrition" was held at the ECO RESOURCE production site. The educational event was attended by manufacturers of sports nutrition, specialists of the fitness industry and sports.

The seminar program included interesting reports, detailed answers of specialists to the questions of participants, as well as tasting of product samples.

The educational day was opened by Anton Vinogradov, Development Director of ECO RESOURCE. He spoke about the Company, its main activities, the advantages of its products and development prospects.

Representatives of the French company GrapSud made an exclusive presentation "Natural polyphenols for healthy and effective sports nutrition" to the participants of the seminar. They told how, for example, a natural extract from red grapes xGrape®TOTAL is used for the production of high-quality functional, sports nutrition.

Application technologist Natalia Belousova presented the "Lipofoods Portfolio for creating modern enriched products". I discussed with the participants of the seminar how to enrich functional nutrition with the help of superfoods  Lopez-Cano Arturo is the director of the Peruvian representative office of ECO RESOURCE.

Of particular interest were the reports: "Selection of an individual color for sports nutrition" and "Functional ingredients from plants-sources of excellent health and excellent shape". Modern consumers appreciate the attractive appearance and useful properties of food products!

The final tasting of product samples allowed the participants of the seminar to evaluate its advantages themselves and give an objectively high assessment!


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