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Natural colours, coloring extracts and ingredients for food application
ECO RESOURCE Anniversary of the Union of manufacturers of food ingredients!

Anniversary of the Union of manufacturers of food ingredients!

At the end of May, a landmark event for the food industry took place – the anniversary of the Union of Manufacturers of Food ingredients (SPPI). ECO RESOURCE, as a long-term member of the organization, took part in the celebrations on May 25, 2021.

Members of the SPPI gathered at the site of the Moscow State University of Food Production (MGUPP). The live communication took place in the forge of personnel for the food industry and ended with a symbolic summing up of 20 years of activity.

The completion of the official part was marked by the planting of apple alley - "Alley of Ingredients". This has become a kind of tribute and a sign of cooperation in the development and application of ingredients for the food industry. ECO RESOURCE took part in the solemn planting of apple trees.

The apple trees were not chosen by chance: the apple is the symbol of the SPPI. It contains about 30 substances that can be used as food additives - from pectin to malic and citric acid.

ECO RESOURCE cordially congratulates SPPI. We would like to note that today the market of food ingredients is developing at such a pace that the coordination of entrepreneurs' activities, representation and protection of their interests are simply necessary and the SPPI plays a responsible and important role in this.

This can only be achieved through joint efforts. ECO RESOURCE produces natural dyes, coloring extracts for all branches of the food industry.

Our mission is consonant with the principles of the SPI – we contribute to progress in the domestic food industry and ensure food security of the country.

Together we can do a lot!



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