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ECO RESOURCE Carotenoids: color for immunity

Carotenoids: color for immunity

We offer to enrich your favorite product with carotenoids, which not only give an appetizing shade to butter and spreads, but also have a number of useful substances that increase immunity.

According to TR CU 029/2012 "Safety requirements for food additives, flavorings and technological aids", only carotenes (E160a) can be used for the production of butter, and carotenes (E160a) and annatto extracts (E160b) can be used for spreads.

AQUABETIN Beta-Carotene

Natural dye obtained from natural carotenes: D. salina algae, D. carota carrots, E. guinensis palm oil, I. batatas sweet potatoes, etc.


  • no preliminary preparation is required;
  • it helps to increase the shelf life of products without the use of strong chemical additives;
  • stable emulsion;
  • resistant to high temperature and light;
  • ready-to-use dye form.

A dye of plant origin obtained from the seeds of Bixa orellana.


  • resistant to temperature;
  • it has light resistance.

Thanks to its naturalness and benefits for the body, butter is again in trend, and now it is recommended to use even nutritionists and fitness trainers.

We will advise on the use of carotenoids and select an individual solution for you!


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