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ECO RESOURCE Крафтовое мороженое – будьте в тренде!

Крафтовое мороженое – будьте в тренде!

Craft ice cream is an ice cream with unique, subtle and very refined flavors.

Basil and ice cream…

Avocado and ice cream…

Porcini mushrooms and ice cream…

Is it possible to combine such different products? The ECO RESOURCE company confidently answers-YES! We have a huge selection of flavors, with which the ice cream will sparkle with new shades of taste!

  • Avocado flavor reveals the creaminess of ice cream, emphasizes its sweetness.
  • Original and refined ice cream with Porcini mushrooms flavor will win the hearts of gourmets.
  • An unexpected solution may be the use of Basil flavor, which will give the milk delicacy spicy notes, and the combination with strawberries will make the product truly special.

Delicious ice cream with floral aromas will appeal to refined natures. The most famous and popular is lavender. We suggest not to stop there, but to experiment with such flavors as Violet, Elderberry and Jasmine.

Give a portion of happiness to gourmets with a sweet tooth!

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