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Natural colours, coloring extracts and ingredients for food application

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ECO RESOURCE Снеки. Преимущество – в цвете

Снеки. Преимущество – в цвете

In the modern world, there is no time for long feasts, the fast pace of life dictates its own rules. Snacks have entered our everyday life as a quick snack, and their popularity is growing from year to year.

Unsweetened snacks can be divided into: classic (chips and extrusion products); natural (seeds and nuts); flour (crackers and straws); sea (dried fish and squid) and others.

Give unsweetened snacks an appetizing yellow color? There is nothing easier!

AQUANATE Paprika 0018 is a water-dispersed liquid dye that is actively used in many branches of the food industry;

ECOTON Paprika 0010 is a fat-soluble liquid dye that can be used not only in the production of snacks, but also sauces for them. For example, it is great for the Thousand Islands sauce, which is served with salads and burgers;

AQUABETIN Beta-carotene 0151B is a universal water-dispersed liquid dye based on beta-carotene.

Sweet snacks include cereal and chocolate bars, breakfast cereals and muesli, lozenges and other similar products.

Bright cheerful colors are suitable for sweet snacks:

ECOPLANT extract Yellow 0278 WS is a natural dye without index E, based on safflower extract, which will give the product sunny shades.

AQUANATE Chlorophyll 0008 is a natural dye that gives shades of green apple.

For caramel shades, we suggest tryingSugar colors of class d.

AQUANATE Carmine 0045 is a dye of natural origin, which gives shades from strawberry to raspberry.

Of course, this is not a complete list of dyes that we can offer you. Call or leave a request, and our specialists will select a dye for the needs of your production.

Give the snacks an appetizing color!

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