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ECO RESOURCE ECO RESOURCE took part in Ingredients and Additives 2023 Exhibition

ECO RESOURCE took part in Ingredients and Additives 2023 Exhibition

The Exhibition «Ingredients and Additives» is a key business event for the FMCG ingredients and additives market that took part in Moscow, Russia on 4-6 Apr 2023.

At the Exhibition ECO RESOURCE jsc presented a new range of flavors that it has been producing in Russia since 2019 under the AROMAWHEEL trademark.

Since the launch of the flavors development labolatory ECO RESOURCE has developed a wide range of products which is constantly expanded with new positions for beverages, confectionery and bakery products. The company's portfolio includes butter-milk, vanilla-cream, fruit and berry, citrus, desserts and many other popular profiles of flavors.

Visiters of the Exhibition were especially interested in flavors for functional and energy drinks developed by ECO RESOURCE. Such flavors are able not only to emphasize but also to enhance the functional properties of the finished product and its attractiveness to the consumer.

Among the novelties, the Company also presented cloudifiers by ECOCLOUD trademark.

Representatives of the Company conducted negotiations with current and new partners.
We are grateful to all who visited the ECO RESOURCE stand at the Exhibition!



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