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Natural colours, coloring extracts and ingredients for food application
ECO RESOURCE преКРАСНЫЙ цвет для мясных полуфабрикатов

преКРАСНЫЙ цвет для мясных полуфабрикатов

Noisy outings to nature are gradually replaced by cozy home gatherings. Sausages on the fire give way to dumplings and cutlets.

Let's help our customers prepare for the new season!

The ECO RESOURCE company has developed a line of natural dyes based on beetroot and spice extracts.

Dyes based on hemoglobin and beetroot are ideal for products with a high content of muscle tissue:

  • AQUAMIT Organic GB 0926-dye based on hemoglobin and beet;
  • AQUAMIT ORGANIC G-dye based on hemoglobin;
  • AQUAMIT ECO B 0427-beet-based dye

And dyes based on caramel color and beetroot AQUAMIT ECO In 0555 and AQUAMIT ECO In 0428 are more suitable for products with a high content of non-meat components.

To add a spicy aroma and taste, try a line of concentrated spice extracts:

  • AQUAMITE Spice Allspice 026;
  • AQUAMITE Spice Coriander 025;
  • AQUAMITE Spice Nutmeg 020;
  • AQUAMITE Spice Garlic 038;
  • AQUAMITE Spice Black Pepper 019;
  • AQUAMITE Spice Cumin 023;
  • AQUAMITE Spice Cumin 052.

Our specialists are always ready to advise you on dyes and extracts.


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