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ECO RESOURCE Почему всемирная сеть кофеен перешла на бетанин

Почему всемирная сеть кофеен перешла на бетанин

Global manufacturers are increasingly forced to take into account the opinion of the public. The outrage of vegans over the use of cochineal as a red dye forced Starbucks to replace carmine with the vegetable beet pigment betanin.

In addition to vegans, the use of betanin satisfies the interests of those who advocate environmental friendliness and benefits.

The antioxidants in beetroot make it a powerful preventive agent against high blood pressure and the development of oncology, and the production process of beet juice and powder is harmless.

ECO RESOURCE offers beetroot extract in liquid and powder form. They are perfect for coloring yogurt, ice cream and instant non-alcoholic beverages. The shade in the product is regulated by the dosage and pH level.

The peculiarity of the dye is low resistance to temperature (up to 60 ° C) and dimming with prolonged exposure to light.

These features will not affect the final color if your product:
  • with a short shelf life;
  • it is not exposed to high temperatures for a long time;
  • its packaging protects well from light.
A team of experienced technologists will consult, test and do everything to achieve the shade you need. We work for you!
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